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Dental Implants: The Best Solution

Dental Implants: The Best Solution

Posted by Silver Summit Dental on Feb 10 2021, 08:28 AM

Who doesn't like to have a beautiful smile? But not everyone is lucky when it comes to having perfectly healthy teeth. According to epidemiological studies, it is estimated that around 178 million people in America are missing at least one tooth.

So, what is the best treatment for replacing missing teeth?

Dental implants.

Dental implants are the root of a replacement tooth. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth matching your natural teeth.

Who can undergo a dental implant?

Anyone who is well enough to undergo routine dental or oral surgery may consider having a dental implant. Healthy gums must be accessible to patients, and bone must be adequate to sustain the implant. They should also indulge in good oral hygiene and have regular visits to dentistry. Single assessments should be made on heavy smokers or people with untreated chronic illness, for example, asthma and heart disease, or people undergoing head and neck radiation therapy. Talk to your dentist to see if they are correct for you if you are thinking about implants.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants mostly consist of titanium and a crown material. A small-diameter hole (pilot hole) is drilled at edentulous (where there is no tooth) jaw sites to direct the titanium implant in place. To prevent injuring the vital jaw and facial tissues such as the lower alveolar nerve in the mandible (lower jaw), a dentist must use considerable ability and experience while drilling the pilot hole. He should also consider sizing the jaw bone. In certain cases, dentists use CT scan-based surgical guides as implants are mounted.

After drilling the initial pilot hole into the respective jaw, it is extended slowly to allow the implant screw to be inserted. When in operation, the gum tissue covering the implant is sealed, and a protective cover screw is placed on the top to make osseointegration and healing possible. Your dentist will reveal the implant and install an abutment after up to six months of recovery (which holds the crown or tooth-like replacement). During the initial operation, the abutment may, in some cases, be attached.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants look like your own teeth. And because they're made to fuse with the bone, they're going to be permanent.

Also, implants are very strong and durable, thus can function for several years. With great care, many implants last a lifetime.

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