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How to Eat Comfortably While Wearing Dental Braces

How to Eat Comfortably While Wearing Dental Braces

Posted by Silver Summit Dental on Mar 11 2022, 04:19 AM

Making it through the process of getting braces is the most difficult part. Your body is adjusting to the strange, new metal pieces in your mouth, and you have to keep something in your mind to eat comfortably.

1. Check and Ask About Everything You Need to Know

After you've gotten your braces, don't leave the office until you've discussed many topics that will help you to eat comfortably:

  • Check with your finger and tongue to ensure that the wires aren't extending into areas 
  • Make sure you ask plenty of questions to ensure you understand what you're supposed to do before your next appointment
  • Before the next orthodontist appointment, request plenty of dental wax, cleaning aids, elastic bands, etc.

2. Be Cautious About What You Eat While Wearing Braces

It's fine to eat as soon as you leave the office, but we recommend sticking to soft foods for the first few days while your mouth and teeth adjust. Stick to pasta, seedless bread, soft vegetables, pudding, soup, yogurt, and other similar foods. On the other hand, sugar in gum can harm your teeth and braces.

3. Use Dental Wax to Treat Mouth Sores.

Brackets are intended to be gentle on your mouth, but they can irritate the soft skin in your mouth while you're getting used to them. Your skin will toughen over time, and you will no longer get sore spots. Until then, use the wax we provide to alleviate any discomfort.

4. Use Salt Water to Rinse Your Mouth

If you're experiencing severe irritation, we recommend rinsing your mouth with a warm saltwater solution five or six times per day. To one cup of warm water, add half a teaspoon of table salt. The saltwater will help relieve pain and speed up the healing of sores that will help you to eat comfortably.

5. Always Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Use the toothbrush that was given to you to clean your teeth after each meal, making sure to get any food that may have gotten stuck in your brackets. Remember to maintain your regular oral hygiene routine. Developing these habits early in your life will help you even after getting your braces.

With braces, you should be cautious about what you eat. If you want to shorten your recovery time, you must make numerous dietary changes. Silver Summit Dental guarantees the best treatment. To schedule an appointment, please call 801-542-0998 or come to our office at 5734 W 13400 S, Herriman, UT 84096.

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