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Major Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Major Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Posted by Summit Dental on Feb 28 2023, 04:18 AM

There are a lot of reasons you may be anxious when visiting the dentist. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or you’re just afraid of the sounds or smells of a dental office. Whatever the reason, we understand your anxiety and want to do everything we can to help you feel comfortable at our clinic. This is where sedation dentistry comes in. We offer two types of sedation to help nervous patients - nitrous oxide and oral or IV sedatives. Both forms of sedation take the edge off of your anxiety and allow you to relax during the procedure.

Nitrous oxide is a form of conscious sedation that is administered through a nasal mask. You’ll breathe in the gas and feel light-headed and relaxed. Most people experience amnesia, which prevents you from remembering much of the procedure itself. Because this procedure is non-invasive, you’ll be able to drive yourself home after the appointment.

If you prefer, we offer IV sedation to patients who need more help feeling at ease during a procedure. Oral sedatives will also be administered to you before the procedure begins. While you’ll be awake during the procedure, you’ll feel like you’ve been asleep the whole time. You won’t remember much of what happened, but you will be aware of your surroundings the entire time.

If you’re worried about an upcoming procedure, let us help ease your worries with sedation dentistry. Here are the major benefits sedation dentistry can offer.

Anxiety relief

One of the more known benefits of sedation dentistry is the relief of anxiety or fear and an increase in relaxation during dental treatments. If you have a fear of the dentist or are anxious about having your teeth worked on, then sedation dentistry may be right for you. Many people who have fears about going to the dentist often put off their appointments. This may cause more serious problems with your teeth in the future because some issues are not caught until it is too late. With sedation dentistry, you can experience a sense of peace and relaxation during your dental appointment that would normally not be present without sedation.

Reduction in the gag reflex

Some people experience gagging or vomiting during dental treatments. This can be caused by factors like stress, anxiety, and trauma to the mouth that triggers the gag reflex. One benefit of sedation dentistry is that your dentist will work more quickly because you won’t have to stop for breaks due to nausea. You won’t feel nauseous the entire time, either. Your dentist may recommend combining sedation with anti-anxiety medication to help patients feel comfortable during treatment.

Pain relief

One way that sedation dentistry helps is by alleviating pain. During dental treatments, patients may experience minor pains, such as slight discomfort to serious pain, depending on their conditions and treatment needs. Sometimes, the pain may stop them from undergoing treatment altogether. It’s common for patients to avoid dental visits and postpone needed treatments because of some degree of pain or anxiety. However, with sedation dentistry, you can be free from pain and fear and be able to undergo the required procedures with minimal pain and discomfort.

The dentist can work faster

Your dentist can perform more treatment in less time. For example, if a patient has a dental phobia or fear of the dentist, the dentist can sedate the patient with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or another sedative medication to keep the patient calm and relaxed throughout the appointment. This can allow your dentist to complete several treatments at once that would normally take multiple visits to complete.

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