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Types of Dental Crowns

Types of Dental Crowns

Posted by Doug Laney on Aug 1 2023, 07:18 AM

Dental crowns are a popular and effective solution for restoring damaged or weakened teeth. They are crucial in preserving the natural tooth structure while providing strength, functionality, and aesthetics. Dental crowns are versatile tools that can improve a smile's appearance and functionality, whether due to decay, fractures, large fillings, or cosmetic reasons. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. The crown is cemented over the damaged tooth, protecting it while restoring its function. For more information, visit Silver Summit Dental.

Reasons for Getting a Dental Crown

  • To restore a broken tooth
  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • To cover and support a tooth with a large filling
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • To cover a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • To cover a tooth that’s had multiple procedures performed on it
  • To cover a tooth with cosmetic concerns

Types of Dental Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are among the most common and sought-after dental crowns due to their natural appearance. They are designed to match the color and texture of the surrounding teeth, making them a preferred choice for front teeth restoration. Porcelain crowns are also suitable for patients with metal allergies, as they are metal-free.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are similar to porcelain crowns in appearance, as they can be made to match the natural color of the teeth. They are highly aesthetic and are often used for front and visible teeth restorations. Ceramic crowns are durable and can withstand moderate biting forces, but they may not be as strong as other materials. Their natural appearance makes them a top choice for patients seeking cosmetic enhancements.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are known for their exceptional strength and longevity. They are often made of gold, which offers excellent biocompatibility and durability. These crowns can withstand significant biting forces and are less likely to fracture or chip than other materials. However, their metallic appearance makes them less popular for visible areas of the mouth. As a result, metal crowns are typically used for molars and premolars, where aesthetics are less of a concern.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

PFM crowns combine the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain. These crowns have a metal base, typically made of alloys like gold, platinum, or nickel-chromium, with a layer of porcelain fused to the outside. The metal base provides robustness and durability, while the porcelain layer ensures a more natural appearance. PFM crowns are commonly used for both front and back teeth restorations.

A beautiful smile starts with proper dental care; dental crowns are crucial in preserving and enhancing oral health. Visit Silver Summit Dental at 5734 W 13400 S, Herriman, UT 84096, or call (801) 542-0998 to determine the most suitable type of crown for your dental needs and goals. 

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