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Root Canal

Root Canal

The root canal is a central cavity present in the middle of the teeth. It houses the dental pulp, composed of the nerves and blood vessels that provide sensation and nourishment to the teeth. The infection of the root canal can be a significant oral concern, which can even lead to tooth loss. Hence, root canal therapy will have to be performed to save the tooth from being extracted.

How does one develop a root canal infection?

Cavities: Cavities are caused due to the adhered tartar deposits on the teeth. If they aren’t removed at regular intervals, the toxins released by the microbes can erode the enamel and decay the underlying tissues of the tooth. When the cavity is left untreated, it can grow deeper and reach the root canal cavity and infect the pulp.

External trauma:When you sustain an external oral injury, the teeth may break, chip, or crack. This exposes the root canal to the harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can possibly lead to an infection.

Gum diseases: When you develop gum diseases such as periodontitis, the microbes can enter the underlying tissues and reach the root canal cavity through the roots.

What are the symptoms?

  • Extreme pain near the infected tooth while biting or chewing food, brushing the teeth, etc.
  • Bleeding and discharge of pus from the gums near the infected tooth
  • The underlying jawbone could deteriorate if the condition isn’t treated at the right time.
  • The tooth appears dull and discolored in comparison to the adjoining teeth.
  • Due to jawbone deterioration, the tooth may loosen from its socket and fall off.

How is root canal therapy performed?

A root canal therapy is a process of removing the decayed dental pulp from the tooth. The dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and determine if any other lesser-invasive treatment methods can be used to restore the infected tooth. If not, you will be prepared for the therapy. The dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth and place a rubber dam over them to isolate the infected tooth.

A small hole will be made on it, and dental files of varying sizes will be used to extract the infected pulp. The walls of the root canal cavity will be scrubbed thoroughly, and a jet of water is used to wash away the debris. Antimicrobial medication will be placed in the cavity and sealed off using filling material. A custom-fabricated crown will be used to restore it to its ideal strength and prevent it from breaking.

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